Developing Through Corner Stone

Property Development Experts in Manchester

Corner Stone MCR Property Group places a strong emphasis on property development and recognises the multifaceted benefits it brings, not just in terms of financial gains but also in contributing to the improvement of communities.

Diversified Property Development

Corner Stone MCR Property Group engages in property development across various sectors, including residential, commercial, and land. This diversification allows for a broad range of development projects tailored to different market needs.

Profit Incentive and Social Value

While profit is acknowledged as a direct incentive in property development, Corner Stone MCR also recognises the social value that developments can bring. This includes providing housing, workplaces, educational facilities, and other amenities that contribute to community improvement.

Adding Value Through Refurbishments

Corner Stone emphasises the importance of adding value to properties through refurbishments and visionary refinements. This strategic approach ensures that the properties developed not only meet market demands but also exceed expectations in terms of quality and appeal.

Community Impact

By developing properties that cater to various community needs, Corner Stone MCR contributes to the overall improvement of the surrounding community. This community-focused approach reflects a broader commitment to social responsibility.

Financial Funding Options

Corner Stone acknowledges that funding property development can be approached through various channels, including mortgages from banks, specialist finance companies, or private investors. This flexibility in funding options provides clients with the opportunity to choose the most suitable financial arrangement for their development projects.

Guidance Through Funding Process

Corner Stone MCR Property Group commits to aiding and guiding clients through the funding process, whether it’s for buy-to-let purposes or development projects. This assistance ensures that clients can navigate the complexities of securing funding effectively.

The combination of financial expertise, a community-oriented mindset, and a commitment to adding value through property development positions Corner Stone MCR Property Group as a comprehensive partner for investors looking to engage in diverse and impactful development projects.