Residential & Commercial Investments

Secure and Prosper: Your Journey to Wealth with Corner Stone MCR Residential and Commercial Investments

Venture into the dynamic world of real estate with Corner Stone MCR Property Group, where residential and commercial investments promise a blend of steady income, strategic growth, and tax benefits, all underpinned by a commitment to maximizing your returns.


Income Generation

Buy-to-Let investments are designed to generate income through rental properties. This can be a reliable source of passive income.

Minimum ROI Commitment

Corner Stone MCR Property Group commits to ensuring a minimum Return on Investment (ROI) of 10%, providing a clear benchmark for investors.

Market Impact

The buy-to-let market has historically contributed to the expansion of the UK property market, leading to increased housing options for tenants and a more competitive market.

HMO (Housing Multiple Occupants)

Room-by-Room Letting

HMO involves letting out individual rooms, potentially accommodating multiple tenants. This strategy aims to maximize returns by renting to multiple individuals.

License Assistance

Corner Stone MCR Property Group offers assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses for HMO, which is crucial for compliance with regulations.

Profit Maximisation

HMOs are known for providing higher returns on investment compared to traditional buy-to-let properties, as they leverage the income potential of multiple tenants.

Tax Benefits


Residential property investment in the UK offers tax benefits, including deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, and maintenance expenses. Understanding and utilizing these deductions can contribute to cost savings.

Depreciation Allowance

Investors may claim a depreciation allowance on the property, further reducing their tax liability.

Capital Gains Tax Advantage

Long-term capital gains tax rates are generally lower than short-term rates, providing a potential advantage when selling a property held for an extended period.

Steady Income Stream

Consistent Rental Income

Residential properties, when rented out, can provide a steady stream of rental income. This income can be used to cover mortgage payments, expenses, and potentially contribute to savings or other investments.

Demand and Rental Rates

The demand for rental properties tends to remain constant, and rental rates often increase over time, contributing to a higher return on investment.

Investors considering residential property through Corner Stone MCR Property Group should carefully evaluate their financial goals, risk tolerance, and preferences to choose the investment strategy that aligns best with their objectives. Additionally, staying informed about local market conditions and regulatory requirements is crucial for successful residential property investment.


Corner Stone MCR Property Group extends its services to the commercial sector, emphasizing opportunities in new build developments and commercial property investments. Here are some key points to consider for commercial investments with Corner Stone:

New Build Development

Strategic Land Development

Corner Stone MCR Property Group strategically develops land for new build homes, aiming to provide investors with a clean slate and minimize uncertainties associated with previous owners and property chains.

Modern Design Appeal

New build properties are described as popular, especially among couples and growing families. Features such as open-plan living areas, landscaped gardens, and premium-quality fixtures contribute to their appeal for potential homeowners and tenants.

Commercial Property Investments

Large Square Footage

Commercial properties typically offer larger square footage compared to residential properties. This can provide opportunities for various types of businesses and activities.

Tenanted Designated Areas

The benefit of tenanted designated areas implies that leased parties invest in and maintain specific portions of the property. This can add value to the overall property without additional expenses for the property owner.

Benefits of Commercial Investments

Income Generation

Commercial properties can provide a steady income stream through rental payments from tenants. The larger square footage often allows for multiple tenants or businesses within the same property.

Value Addition

The fact that leased parties invest in and enhance designated areas can contribute to the overall value of the property. This value addition occurs without the property owner incurring additional costs.

Reduced Uncertainty in New Builds

No Previous Owners

The absence of previous owners in new build developments can reduce uncertainties associated with property chains. This may be particularly appealing to investors looking for a smoother and more predictable process.

Investors interested in commercial properties with Corner Stone MCR Property Group should carefully assess the specific offerings, potential returns, and associated risks. Due diligence, understanding market conditions, and evaluating the appeal of new build developments are crucial steps in making informed decisions within the commercial sector.